Be Bold, Order One!

Well… erm… sort of. You know we march to the tune of our own drums here. And, in our quest to become a full 48 page mag, we are taking baby steps… as we drum… and sing… and write!

Bold Magazine began in 2011 and has juggled its content both online and in print. But, we never fully had the capability to become a magazine.

Well, that’s changing! We’ve got some incredible news coming each and every month about our organization including new staff, new ventures, new locations, new events, new publications, new EVERYTHING!

And, it begins today! Up until June 1, our Mini-Mag was only available during our events. And, while we’re still continuing that tradition (and even printing Mini-Mags for others’ events!), we’re excited to announce that our Bold Magazine Mini-Mag is now just AVAILABLE for purchase. So, where can you find them?

Well, we will be bringing some to NAAFA’s 50th Anniversary event this Summer for Sale! And we’ll have some at some of our other events to raffle off. But, you can also find them in digital and physical format on our etsy store!

Why an Etsy store? Welp… haha – as we’ve grown and grown and outgrown ourselves, we’ve continued to patch up our site with plugins and features. Sometimes they don’t always cooperate with each other! The good news, as you know, is that we’re revamping our entire site and getting rid of all of the patches!

The bad news is that our e-commerce portal has been on and off wonky! So, please bear with us as we list our products on Etsy. But, the good news is…


Our first non-event agenda-driven document is a 12 page Mini-Magazine with features from Mel Mayhem and Christopher Salute and articles on Heather Sanderson, Ashley Nell Tipton, etc.

We were so excited about our first Mini-Mag that we even gave it two covers. The front cover features Ashley Nell Tipton and the second features Bold Brand Management Model Laken Henry. You can purchase either or and you’ll get the same version. But, we just wanted to feature our girl Laken!