Bubbly Bleu Boutique Grows in Plus Community

Hey… did you know we’re having an event in Dallas as part of the Love Yourself Series? I mean… have said it enough? LOL!

Well, we think we have! We’re excited to promote that the Bubbly Bleu Boutique is going to be presenting as our sponsor! You can find them here:


The Bubbly Bleu Boutique is so cute! We love their styles from Bubbly Plus to their accessories. For the plus universe, their sizes go up to 3XL and they will be proudly showing off their clothing during our fashion show as well as vending!

Sara Smith, Co-owner of the Bubbly Bleu Boutique is a long standing friend of Bold’s CEO Christopher Salute. They actually went to high school together! When the opportunity came about to work with bold to promote their plus division to the size acceptance community, she discussed it with her partner and said “YES!”

We’re so excited to have “Bubbly Bleu Boutique” with us during the Love Yourself Dallas Brunch! Check them out and BE BOLD!