Events in Southern Florida Ranging from Bashes to Coachella Style for this Summer!

How do you keep up with all of the events that are popping up everywhere? We know we can’t sometimes! You should definitely check out our calendar for events we are attending! Oh my goodness… we need to update that stuff! Because, there are so many things happening this Summer!

Shoot, maybe just head over to Shapely Events while we get our acts together. LOL!

First of all, Emily Kay, our Events Director is down south handing out t-shirts and drinks at the Curvy Ventures Pool party! Check them out here:

We’re also so excited to announce that they will be sponsoring our Speaker AND Fashion Show at the Dallas-Fort Worth Love Yourself Brunch! We’re going to talk more about that next week!

Well, I guess it is just a Summer of Sponsorships because Bold Media is proud to announce that we’ll be the Media Sponsor of Curves Fest Miami! Bold Media will be in attendance with our magazine, tees, and models to participate. We’re also bringing some surprise guests and friends with us! And, we’ll be covering the whole darn thing LIVE on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

You’re going to hear way more about the Curvy-Chella style event! Empress, Founder and amazingly awesome influencer is really excited to bring this vibe to Miami. We’ve had some really cool conversations about what she hopes to bring to the table. And, we’ll be sharing her with you via podcast, video, and in writing! This event, similar to Miami Curves Week, is an answer to straight sized events that occur all over South Florida. What we also love is the diversity in size and people of color, which we don’t see enough of in general, but also in the plus universe. We thought we’d let you know a bit about it from their eventbrite page (the link is at the bottom!


Festivities begin at 10AM. Festival Grounds at 1306 Miami. Doors open at 12:00PM Click here for additional information & line up page: for more information


Curve Fest Miami

Take the power away from derogatory labels.

“Fat,” a word that every plus size, thick or curvy woman has been called.

Confident women across the country, are uniting to take a stand. Curve Fest Miami is a global movement with grassroot supporters in over 200 counties.

Curve Fest Miami is a festival that celebrates the beauty of curvy women. The outdoor event gathers Plus Size brands, Fashionistas, Shopaholics, Bloggers, Youtubers Curvy women and curvy aficionados from all over the world. The event host; Empress Founder/Owner of The Curve Factory, LLC, will connect with the best and reputable beauty brands to throw an event where Curvy women can take pride and confidence in their curves. This annual celebration of the beauty of curvy women is in the heart of Miami, FL. From BBW to Curvy and thick women there is always an overload of curvy inspiration..

Join us and a host of celebrity friends, a star-studded music lineup, DJs, key thought leaders and our community partners on a day dedicated to educating, entertaining and empowering.

Thousands of people across gender, sex, race, age, class, education, and profession will gather for an unforgettable experience. 1306 Miami will be transformed into a Curvy inclusive space where the beauty of Plus SIze/Curvy/Thick women will take center stage.

There is no recipe on what someone involved in Curve Fest Miami must look like. You DO NOT need to be a certain size. Curve Fest welcomes everyone who loves and supports the Curvy Gang movement.

The only requirement is to be inspired by your own passion to do something about the issues that plague Curvy/Plus Size women. Our mission is serious, but this day of dressing up, strutting your stuff, and standing up for Size Acceptance is filled with fun, laughter, and a community to support a tremendous cause. It is about self-expression, unity, shedding stereotypes, and supporting one another.


The Line Up

Empress Hepburn | IG @IamEmpress_

Sabas Whitaker | IG @showtime49

Santanna Neal | IG @strictlypinkktheeoriginal

Curvy Gang | IG @curvyganggang

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Queens of Curves Magazine

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