And you know we have an opinion!

Happy Fat Fitness Friday!!!!

I believe the basic understanding of a quote from fit model Kristen Pickrell during our last interview in February was:

“When I am no longer needed as a fit model because people know how to design for my size, I will happily lose that business”

Well, the same goes for brands who are entering the plus space in a more vocal or visual way. When it no longer needs to be sensationalized, we will stop writing about it!

Unfortunately, we’re a bit pressed for time this week with all of our announcements we’ve been making and other stories that have needed our attention. But, expect a full editorial on brands like Nike paying homage to plus sized athletes and other humans with their new mannequins. Because it’s a great stride! But, it is not nearly what should be done to acknowledge the range in size that athletes have! In the meantime, however, we really do want to recognize this awesome stride from the the most visible brand in athletics!

From People Magazine Online:

“Nike knows that most women aren’t a size 0 — and the company finally got the mannequins to prove it.

The activewear retailer unveiled a line-up of curvy mannequins at its new-and-improved London flagship store Wednesday as part of a special floor dedicated just to women.

NikeTown says its third level now features ‘a full range of athlete figures” with “multiple plus-sized and para-sport mannequins’ for the first time in the store’s history.”

Full range hmm? Well.. we’re going to applaud Nike today… but we have some other thoughts. Stay tuned for one or our polarizing editorials about brands entering plus in the coming weeks!