JUNE 4 – Bold Joins the #PlusSizeMecca! CURVAPALOOZA Coming Soon in July 2020!

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Empowerment Through Numbers
As a size-acceptance based empowerment group developed to merge those who struggle with being confident in their own skin with those who have traveled a path of body acceptance, this connection has produced organically stronger, self-confident enriched individuals as well as a more inclusive atmosphere. Recently, there has been a major shift in the lives of women of all sizes including: growth, empowerment, conversations/discussions, buying patterns, understanding of self, etc. Despite making up 68% of the U.S. population, Women are not nearly represented in media enough, their size is rarely discussed, they are overlooked, and that’s not to mention all the other types of diversity that are being ignored. Imagine for a moment that YOU are a person of size, undeserved, and another marginalized group. It would be quite a lot to handle. But thanks to never-ending hard work of Living Large Chicago, one of the most powerful and inspirational social groups in the plus size community, all women—regardless of size—will be able to flaunt their curves freely come the summer of 2020!

The #PlusSizeMecca
Curvapalooza is a grand event that will be held in Las Vegas starting from July 14th until July 19th in the summer of 2020. It will be the first ever event that brings together a size acceptance event in a celebration that includes daytime workshops, panels, and activities, fashion and consumer goods, and social gatherings. You want to think “Curvy Con” meets “Shrill Pool Party” meets “Fashion Week” but with a true mixture of academics, professionals, brands, consumers, and influencers. Women of all shapes and sizes will be able to freely flaunt their curves in a space of fun, love, acceptance, and camaraderie! This is the mecca of plus size events!

Living Bold and Living Large
Bold has slowly been leaving its mark on the plus universe little by little. Spearheaded by CEO Christopher Salute, Bold is a true advocate of body positivity and fat acceptance. Never allowing a plus ally to tackle such a huge accomplishment on their own, Bold will be assisting LLC in kicking off this historic event with a bang!

Like our page! Our convention is for someone who might need a little inspiration, a little boost in confidence, someone who helps others feel good about the skin they are in, or someone that just wants to be around a like-minded size positive environment. Curvapalooza is a celebration of all sizes and it is all the things! #keynotespeakers, #workshops, #networking, #popupshops, #fashionshow, #poolparties, #glitzcrews, #bodypositivefocused, and much much much more!!

For Press and More Details on Curvapalooza:

Dr. Christopher Salute, MBA, Ph.D.
CEO, Bold Media
Cell: 516-633-7569

Press only: Alyssa Roensch

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