But, boy does he love to make them up!

A few months ago, we begged Anttoni Lopez for an interview. The Alpha Male cosmetics founder, marketer, and model has been so busy, we didn’t think we’d ever get a hold of him!

Had we known how busy this gentleman is, we’d have begged a little harder! Lopez has been working so hard on his Alpha Male line that we can’t even keep up!

Alpha Male Cosmetics is proud to be the first full line of cosmetics that are designed exclusively for men and their unique skin conditions.

“Our exclusive line of products, designed for the Alpha Male are all water based and organic leaving your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Alpha Male Cosmetics are formulated to enhance your natural beauty and reveal only the most handsome features you already possess.” – Anttoni Lopez

Lopez is in the midst of branching out his Alpha Male line into other avenues. So much excitement and confidence that we can’t even talk about it (seriously, he asked his manager, it’s a nope!). But, as Bold branches into stories of inclusivity in all genders and sexes, we’re excited to learn more and let you know!

Stay Bold, Anttoni! We’re rooting for you!