Literally, she’s all over the country!

Editor’s Note: Please bear with us as we figure out our photo issues! We’re working on it!

So, we’ve been trying to write a piece on Amanda and her incredible journey into modeling while continuing to dance all over the place. And, every time we try to write, she pops up again!

Then, something amazing happened. We were in Las Vegas taking a mini-holiday and we were just kind of looking at some store windows. We remembered American Eagle’s campaign with LaCount so we took a sharp left look before we headed into the MGM… and wouldn’t you know it… Amanda LaCount was life size in the window!

Sigh… of course we were rushing to the buffet before it closed (hey, don’t laugh… you know they stop cooking those crab legs at 10! Don’t worry, we made friends with all of the chefs and had a lovely evening). So, we said we’d take a photo with her window display on the way back! Alas, the food stupor of the evening had us across the street before we remembered!

But, that doesn’t change the fact that Amanda LaCount was ALL OVER the store! And ALL OVER the country, in stores, everywhere!

She was featured in Glamour and tagged everywhere. And, she’s been in two new videos!

Like this one!
And this one!

And that’s some serendipity! Eureka O’Hara is one of our faves too!

LaCount, we can’t get enough of you. Apparently, neither can the rest of the country! Stay Bold, Boss!