Candice Christian to Support Miami Curve Fest this Weekend!

EDITOR’S NOTE: While we are excited about Miami Curve Fest, we are also concerned for the safety of everyone in Southern Florida. We urge anyone in the area to evacuate as soon as danger is present or governmental agencies request their exit.

We are so excited about Miami Curve Fest. We’ve been following Empress and her “gang” for months! They’ve been so busy and we didn’t want to bother them the week before the event. So we decided we’d interview ourselves! Candice Christian is heading to Miami as we speak and we caught up with her about her involvement! Check it out below!

Bold Magazine: Tell us about Miami Curve’s Fest!

Candice Christian: Curves Fest Miami is a movement. Plus size women and curvy girls really get looked over when it comes to festival season. Florida has really been lacking a community of plus size advocacy. Hopefully, Curves Fest Miami will be the beginning of plus size women in Florida feeling comfortable at festivals, in festival clothing, and really not caring about what others think. This event is a mix between a Caribbean Festival, and Coachella! “Curvy-chela” ad Empress (CEO & Coordinator of Curves Fest) has described. 

Bold Magazine: What’s Bold’s Involvement? 

Candice Christian: Bold is one of the official media sponsors and one of the only exclusivity plus size magazines involved at this event! I’m so excited to be a part of Bold and the movement and motive behind the event. We will be documenting with photos, videos, doing exclusive interviews with the hottest attendees, and SO much more! P.S. Stay tuned to Instagram for LIVE coverage of the event @boldmz 

Bold Magazine: What are you most excited about?

Candice Christian: This will be my first all plus size event. Im so excited to just immerse myself in the culture and community. Oh and the snacks! 😉

Bold Magazine: What’s the first thing you want to do at Miami Curves Fest? 

Candice Christian: Before Curves Fest officially starts on Sunday, I have some interviews set up that’s I am really excited about! Some of which include @showtime49, @waytrae, @djepps, @thefullersideofthings, @kellysklosetdotnet, and more! 

Bold Magazine: Have you ever been to Miami before? What’s your favorite thing about it? 

Candice Christian: I love Miami! I have been a few times! I love the food (of course, I’m plus size come on), the smells, the people! Miami is truly such a unique place and the absolute perfect place to launch Curve Fest!!! Hopefully, this will become a nationwide movement!

Bold Magazine: In your opinion, what’s going to make Miami Curve’s Fest Bold? 

Candice Christian: Me? How much more BOLD can it get? But in all actuality I think the clothing is going to be the most BOLD thing about the whole event! Typical festival clothes and plus size women normally are not seen too often. So it’s going to be nice to see the confidence these ladies bring rocking their thongs, feathers, and straps!!!!