With New York Fashion Week coming up, we’ve been reading lots of articles and seeing billboards which are talking about brands being more size inclusive, like this one!

From Wharton’s School of Business

And, we think it’s awesome because:

  • Brands are including larger size
  • Media is recognizing it

The article mentions brands like Christian Siriano who are really making huge strides listening to the plus size buyer. But, for all of the Sirianos out there, there are brands who have it all wrong!

  • Brands who say they cater to Plus Size women but carry their 3x-6x online
  • Brands who don’t carry 3x to 6x at all!
  • Brands who have the cuts wrong because their designers are not plus

We hear about them all the time from our readers, etc. But, we don’t want to call anyone out. That is silly. Rather than list them, here are a few brands we love!

  • American Eagle has been featuring our very own friend and Bold Diva Amanda LaCount!
  • Sephora features plus model Enam Asiama on their huge store and transportation signs without so much as a mention of her size (perfect!)
  • Eloqui has been searching for and creating campaigns around real plus size women with varied occupations, sizes, etc. It’s a very diverse campaign called #MODELTHAT that features Kristen Pickrell, who you know we love to feature
  • Anthropologie has added plus to their stores, about ten at a time, since early Spring
  • We’re keeping Nike on this list because, even though their mannequins aren’t entirely inclusive, it’s a step in the right direction
  • Target has been using size inclusive mannequins for years and theirs have varied shapes and sizes!

We are not ready yet to discuss the atrocity that is Weight Watchers, specifically because it’s on a whole other playing field and it deserves an article or two itself!

But, we are excited to talk about more brands in our next print issue. What are some brands you enjoy? Comment below! And, thanks for being bold!