Mallorie Vanghel is the our September Bold Boss!

I don’t know… there’s just something about having an IMDB page that’s so intriguing! It means you don’t just say you’re an actor, you ARE one!

Well, when Mallorie Vanghel left Florida for Los Angeles, we’re betting that’s exactly what she was looking to build!

From her fancy shmancy IMDB Bio:

Mallorie is a Los Angeles actress, host, and humanitarian. Mallorie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film from the University of West Florida and an Associates degree in Theatre from Gulf Coast State College. She is also known as a professional photographer and model. Mallorie has traveled the entire continental United States and hopes to work abroad.

Mallorie is our very first “Bold Boss” of the month. We will be interviewing Mallorie and asking her to guest blog one post for us! We’ll also be posting her on our social media accounts.

You may notice that we are not calling anyone “Bold Babes” anymore, by the way! Our new term for our brand ambassadors is now “Bold Boss!” Bold Bosses are empowered, tough, and smart, as well as wonderful humans! While we attempted to get that point across with the “Bold Babes” phrase, when our brand ambassadors came up with it, we could have done a better job with the explanation.