We introduced Mallorie as our first “Bold Boss” of the month this year, for our month of September! Bold Bosses are badass and awesome humans. We are starting this series in September as a pilot and hoping people love it through 2020. Mallorie is an actress and model in LA. We got to sit down with her this past week and we’re so excited for her to show you her bold! Check it out:

Bold Magazine: Mallorie, you’re always doing so many things in Hollywood and LA! What’s your latest cool story? 

Mallorie Vanghel: I love Hollywood and the never-ending adventures here! My latest cool story was getting to attend The Roast of Alec Baldwin! LOL! It was at the beautiful and historic art deco Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. The dais was great, and the guests in attendance were some of my favorite comedic inspirations.

Bold Magazine: Oh my gosh! We wanna go! So you’re a plus size actress? Tell us more!

Mallorie Vanghel: Yes! I am a classically trained actress! Ive studied many forms and techniques of acting like Stanislavsky, Meisner, Spolin, and more. I mainly work in TV, and film, but also do commercials. I have a degree in Theatre, and my undergrad was in Film & Telecommunications, and am always continuing my training. I starred in and directed my own films in high school and college before making a career out of it! I’ve worked all over the country and lived in big cities like Orlando, Atlanta, Vegas, and now LA. Ive been in productions for Netflix, Marvel, Showtime, Universal, CBS, and Amazon, and have also filmed on lots like Disney, Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Paramount, Fox and more! 

Bold Magazine: Umm…. WOW! Do you do anything else? Not that that is not enough!

Mallorie Vanghel: My passion is giving back to my community, charity work, and volunteering. Recently, Ive become a council member for an aerospace company. Space, aerospace, and space travel are also a big interest and part of my life. Donating my time to some of the world’s greatest minds in science, and my personal heroes, is a huge honor for me. This summer I entered a pageant and was appointed the title of Miss Infinity Los Angeles. I’m so honored to serve and represent this amazing city, and even more happy to have found a platform to give back to organizations dearest to me. 

Bold Magazine: Miss Infinity? So cool! So, what are some challenges as an actress? Female actress? Plus size actress?

Mallorie Vanghel: Along with entertaining, actresses want to be heard. They want to be taken seriously and not only want their voices to be heard, but for their voices to matter. Whether we’re trying to convey a message, or just want to be silly and goofy, we dedicate our lives to it and pour everything we have into it. Actresses often are more valued for their looks, than their minds. I’ve seen this in interviews where women get asked about their appearance or their relationships, instead of their work and performances. 

A personal challenge I’ve faced is not being able to submit for roles because of the size requirements. Sometimes shows set in the 60s or 80s only want sizes below a 6. Also, its hard to land a role as a romantic lead being plus sized. Most casting calls I see for lead roles in romantic projects include size limitations. 

Bold Magazine: Sigh… we hear that all the time. So, was acting always your goal? What did you do prior to that?

Mallorie Vanghel: No! I dont think it was ever my goal, because I never thought being an actor/model was something I could do. My goal was to be able to support myself, but I didn’t know if I could with this industry. What happened was, I fell in love with it and couldn’t ever stop or stay away from it. It’s something I always did and continue to do and couldn’t stop…I tried! Before, I was a photographer and ran a photography and videography company producing photos and videos for families, weddings, and events. I also worked for several studios across the country. I’ve always worked in a creative, artistic field in some way.

Bold Magazine: That is so cool! What a creative! What are your goals in the plus size universe? 

Mallorie Vanghel: My goal in the plus size universe is to keep carving out my place, and become the best model in the world! Not the best plus model, but the best model period! I want to keep working and doing my best. My goal is to represent and inspire average women, and be something representative of what plus size women, and all women, see in themselves. My dream is to work as a model in high fashion, and model for luxurious fashion deisgners like Chanel, Gucci, Prada, and more, and hopefully one day make the idea of high fashion plus models not so unheard of.

Bold Magazine: I love that! Best model… not plus size model! So, you’re so busy… But, what do you like to do when you’re not working?

Mallorie Vanghel: My favorite things to do are spend time with my boyfriend and my dog, cook yummy food, work out, go to concerts, hangout at museums/galleries, thrifting, exploring, and shopping! 

Bold Magazine: Sheesh! Do you sleep? Mallorie, we always see you do these cool photo shoots on social media. How do these come about? 

Mallorie Vanghel: Thanks so much! My work is a mix of my professional jobs and my own projects. I pretty much conceptualize, style, shoot, and edit most of my own content. I mastered photography, and it comes in handy for shooting consistently without spending a lot of money on photography. I love creating shoots and bringing people into my little worlds. I spend hours, days, and sometimes weeks prepping for shoots. Shopping, crafting, researching, location scouting, sewing, painting, hair, makeup, lights, equipment, props, and more goes into a shoot, and I feel like I produce the best images when Im prepared. Then I do editing and culling to pick the best images. I don’t always work solo…Submitting to casting calls, reaching out to other photographers, models, stylists, designers etc is also how I get work! Always having my digitals and materials up to date is helpful for submissions and bookings! Either way a lot of prep goes into it. Behind the final images you see is hours of marketing, bookkeeping, and networking, but the business part is definitely what has enabled me to be able to do all these shoots you see! 

Bold Magazine: You are really a boss! So, can you tell us a story about your own body positivity?

Mallorie Vanghel: My WHOLE life people have commented on my body and weight. Sometimes compliments, sometimes negativity. From bosses to peers, to random strangers driving down the street. An important revelation I had about my own body positivity, is realizing the outside doesn’t matter. What truly counts in this world, is who you are on the inside. Your kindness is more important than anything else. How you treat others, will sustain far longer than your outer beauty. Once I believed this, I stopped caring what other people thought. Working in an image-driven industry can be emotional, but being ugly or fat, or beautiful or thin is not the best thing you can be. Being kind and a good person is what matters most, and what makes you truly beautiful. 

Bold Magazine: We couldn’t agree more! Mallorie, what makes you BOLD? 

Mallorie Vanghel: What makes me bold is just being myself. Being yourself and putting yourself out there in the world can be terrifying!! Saying this is me, this is who I am, and I’m not apologizing for it, to me, is pretty bold!

You can find Mallorie on our Instagram page this week and throughout the month. Her handle is @officialmallorie and her IMDB page is right below:


Thanks for reading and BE BOLD!