5 Part Body Positive Series Featuring Janet Conroy-Quirk

We recently posted an article about everything that Bold Boss Janet Conroy-Quirk and all of the amazing things she does.

“Because of the wonderful things she does… la la la la la!”

– Kind of “Wizard of Oz,” kind of us being cooky!

As one of the incredible things she does, Conroy-Quirk was involved with this 5 part series on Today’s website, Instagram account, and show. Along with 4 other models of diverse heights, sizes, ages, and skin colors, the series showed 5 women of size in the same outfit! Here is the series (missing one video which hasn’t posted yet):





Here’s what we love about the series:

  • Showing plus size humans of different shapes, sizes, heights, skin tones etc. exhibits the challenge that women face when shopping. A size 6 or 8 doesn’t have as much variance in body shape as a size 26 or 28. This doesn’t even touch on other areas of diversity as mentioned above.
  • This is a mainstream channel featuring a non-main-stream idea (of course it’s growing). We see this more often now as our friends at SLiNK magazine are featured across the country doing plus size styling!
  • It features Bold Boss and dear friend Janet! An actress, model, singer, and all around awesome human, we’re glad to see Janet spreading body positivity!
  • These outfits are conservative and still fun. Normally we feature women breaking norms by wearing bikinis and there are lots of humans in the population who want to feel great in other clothes!
  • One of the videos was entitled “Bold Prints”… get it? BOLD!

Here’s what we’re not thrilled about:

  • Meh, “breaking rules?” What rules? Stahppp! Humans wear what they want! Why can’t we just say “Here’s some awesome humans looking and feeling great!” ?

That’s about it! We’re super excited about seeing the last video in this series. Janet, how long were in that studio for? So many costume changes. It’s like you were playing 5 characters in one of your shows!

Enjoy the videos and BE BOLD!