Linda Peavy’s Blog serves a Unique Niche of women above the age of 50 and in the plus size universe

Linda Peavy of Cultured Curves recently reached out to us via email, just before Curvy Con and asked us to get together. And, by were excited! We met a few weeks ago and Peavy gave us a glimpse into her new site!

Peavy serves a very interesting, cool, and unique group of women in the plus sized universe: women over 50.

“I have been passionate about beauty and fashion for many years. As a plus size girl since the second grade, I have lived in this body for a long time.”

– Linda Peavy

This year, Peavy celebrated her 56th birthday. And, she has been inspired to start a site and blog for plus size women past the age of 50. She discussed trends in fashion changing for that generation as a major reason for the site.

“Regardless of my size, strangers constantly compliment my attire, hair, make-up, etc. I decided to use these compliments to empower others.”

– Linda Peavy

Linda says that this blog is her calling and will allow her to provide style, fashion, and beauty tips to curvy women over 50 which may have different needs than other generations, especially us millennials who are born bloggers, techies, and likely (not trying to generalize) have different fashion needs. We’re excited to learn more about Linda and have reached out for an interview.