Tiffany Renee, Children’s Author, tells us how!

Have you ever had a dream that someone has told you is too big? Well, shame on them, first of all. But, secondly, tell them to read “Rockstar Monkey” by Tiffany Renee!

Rockstar Monkey is children’s book about a monkey who wants to be in a rock band. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination! Here’s the synopsis from their Amazon Product Page:

Sometimes, in life, our own thinking, other people, and/or circumstances can cause us to not pursue the things we want to do in life. In Rock Star Monkey, Charlie loves music and hopes to one day become a rock star. But, according to his friends, monkeys simply cannot be rock stars because well . . . he’s a monkey! With some encouragement from Nania (one of the zoo keepers), Charlie realizes anything is possible if he believes it and puts action behind it!

Tiffany Rene, author of Rockstar Monkey

We sat down with Tiffany Renee, author of Rockstar Monkey, last week. And, we learned that Tiffany has upwards of 20 more books to publish! Wow! We’re excited to learn more.

You can check her latest book, Rockstar Monkey, here:

And check back on our site because we’re about to learn more from Tiffany Renee, author of Rockstar Monkey!