Lilith Fury Hosts Tacoma’s first Halloween Party in world of Fat and Size Acceptance

Come all.. and let’s have a scream!

That is the header on the poster for Lilith Fury’s “Fat Halloween Party.”

Lilith Fury picking some treats out… or are they trick? You’ll have to attend her party to find out!

You may know Fury from her advocacy in the fat community, her discussions on equality, modeling, etc. She is into so many different parts of the internet and “real life” worlds!

Fury can now add “party host” to her repertoire of awesomeness! If you’re in the Tacoma area and want to “have a scream” with Lilith, you can RSVP below!

From the invitation:

“We hope you can join us! Small fat, mid fat, super fat, infini fat, there’s no body too big for Halloween.”

– Tacoma Halloween Party

What’s included?

  • Costume contest 
  • Snacks
  • Music 
  • Games
  • and more!  

Gosh! This sounds like too much fun! Unfortunately, our travel schedule doesn’t allow us to support by attending. But, trust us when we say we’d LOVE to be there! We hope that spreading the word is helpful, Lilith! Enjoy and BE BOLD!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We would like to acknowledge the use of the word “Fat,” while we are perfectly accepting of it, may trigger some as the author of this article is a straight sized human. We used this word because that is the preferred descriptor used by Lilith Fury. We will be making a more conscious effort to only use that word when it has been first been used and OK’d by our subject or interviewee. Thank you.]