New BOLD Business Virtual Session from Jen Mavros and Team!

You remember Jen Mavros, don’t you? I mean, how could you forget right? Jen self proclaimed herself a “cockroach” because of her persistence and she has some other Jen-isms that make her so awesome!

“OK, I’m heading out! Catch you later alligator!”

– Not an actual quote from Jen Mavros, but not out of the realm of possibility

That’s not really why Mavros is memorable. Although, she did make a splash during our interview! No, Mavros is famous for “loving humanity forward.” You may have seen her at The Body + Love Workshop in 2018 as well as the 2019 Love Yourself Las Vegas Brunch where she talked about negotiating your worth. She speaks all over the country and she is a personal coach, among other things!

Well, Jen Mavros is welcoming you to partake in Loving Business Forward – an invitation to redefine business as usual. 

“LBF is a movement, a collective of people coming together to do better in business and life. AND we are a FREE virtual event that begins Oct 10th.”

– Actual quote from Jen Mavros

You can register for FREE now by visiting their website:

Join thousands of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, heart-centered companies, and thought leaders from around the world who are disrupting the status quo on “traditional” business.

LBF2019 is a global virtual gathering of conscious leaders holding elevated conversations around critical issues facing our businesses and the planet.

“We are creating a brave space for you to learn new paradigm leadership models, embolden your voice, and engage in solution-focused discussions that spark aligned actions for a more loving, empathetic, and compassionate world.”

– Jen Mavros

Here’s an awesome video from Mavros on her LBF movement!

[Video credit goes to a beloved member of LBF’s Dream Team, Jen Muranetz from Estoria Productions.]

*Closed Caption available.

So, what can you expect?

More than 50+ global leaders will share their insights, inspiration and implementation experiences for practical and immediate ways you can redefine business and “SHATTER the status quo.”

Here are a few of the members from their roster!

🌟 Dr. John GrayRuby FremonMonica Pelayo, Shadow Coach ExpertScott StabileCatarina AndradeNisha MoodleyDanielle LaPorte talking about PURPOSE.

👫 Sonali FiskeDarrah BrusteinTayo RocksonJadah SellnerSumi KrishnanNicole Lee and Martyn Sibley, who are all about PEOPLE.

🌍 Q’orianka Cornejo, Chief Phil Lane JrMahlikah AweriConstanza Eliana and Kathleen Ventura, here to represent PLANET.

🔥 Vicki SaundersKyle CeaseSeema AgarwalLee HarrisMiki AgrawalGeorge KaoBri SeeleySora Surya No and Sarah Prout to dish on PROSPERITY.

Register here: