A Guest Post from Tiffany Renee

To whom it may concern, 

F*** you! F*** this job! F*** all the stupid assignments I’ve ever had to do!” I’m finally breaking away from this place, and I’m not looking back! When’s my last day you ask? TODAY! Why am I leaving? Because I’ve finally stepped into my destiny and I’m taking this baby on full force! I’m not sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you because you’ve inconvenienced me for the last 15 years! Buh-Bye! I hope my replacement is always late and extra lazy!


Your Favorite Employee that has actually been quite miserable!

By now, some of you are either cheering or trying to pick your jaw up off the ground… either way, I think I’ve got your attention! There’s a book called “The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave”, by Leigh Branham, and in it he states that 89 percent of bosses believe employees quit because they want more money… which I would agree with because we all could “use more money” right? When in fact, only about 12 percent of employees said they left a job for more money! What? Only 12 percent?! Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor now! Ok, so what other possible reasons could there be that would make someone want to leave their job? In 2018, a study was done asking people why they quit their jobs and 79 percent said it was due to “lack of appreciation”! Oh yeah, I totally get that!

 Hi! My name is Tiffany, I’m 32 years old married (no kiddies yet) and I resigned from not one but TWO jobs!! There goes your jaw again! Okay, before I go any further, let me encourage you to maybe grab something cushiony to put under your chin because reading with me, you might drop your jaw a few more times lol!! Now that I’ve got that out of the way, why don’t you grab a drink and snack of choice and dive with me into my long winded (well written) explanation. Oh, by the way, this article may not be for everyone and that’s okay… either way if you do decide to keep reading, I appreciate you hanging with me!

 So yes, this chick right here quit two jobs baby! Boo Yeah!! Well technically, I went per diem (like I can pick up work when there’s something available) with one job but totally quit the other… so I’m still kind of bad a** right? Lol! 

Background story time! I hope at this point you haven’t already finished your drink and snack…. Come on it’s like being at the movies! You’ve got at least twenty minutes of previews before the actual movie comes on! This is my rendition of “the previews”. 

Like most people, I’ve been working since I was sixteen years old. Of course, in the beginning I was all about trying to make that money so I didn’t have to worry about asking my mom for money, if I wanted to buy extra snacks at school or go with my friends out to eat during our lunch period. I also didn’t want to worry about having to explain to my mom why I spent twenty dollars at the mall, and only ate lunch and bought Auntie Anne’s pretzels! We clearly see what my priorities were as a teenager lol! In my early to mid-twenties, my reasons for money changed. I had student loans to pay, a car payment, phone bill, my hair and nails needed to be “poppin” (if there’s anyone younger than 30 reading this, my “poppin” is equal to your “on fleek”) and I definitely needed my money for my weekend adventures (we won’t go into details about that… maybe I’ll save that for another article).

 Let’s fast forward to about 25/26 years of age where I think I hit a “quarter of a century life crisis”. All I kept thinking was “What the heck am I going to do with the rest of my life?” I was all over the place. I had completed one year of Pastry Arts schooling (at a very expensive school might I add), I received my Assoc. degree in Business Marketing at community college, and I then I became a Certified Professional Coder (couldn’t even land job in that field). And with those few things “under my belt” here I was working as a Direct Support Professional advocating for individual’s with intellectual disabilities. What the *shut yo mouth* is going on here? Is anyone feeling where I’m coming from yet or did you all already have your sh*t figured out right out of high school? Which don’t get me wrong is cool and all, but it’s simply not everyone’s reality. So, cheers to those of you who have it all figured it out and for the rest of you reading this because I’ve touched your soul…. Let’s take a minute and *internet hug* I’m here for you!

*Just in case you were wondering if the movie has started…. Yes, yes it did!*

 This brings me back to my main point…. My “RESIGNATION”. I need to side bar for a second, I so wish I could read this to you guys, because I definitely said that in a “thunderous” voice lol. If you’ve ever met me & got to know me, I’m quite animated at times! 

 *Un-side bar* I had been a DSP for 9 years and I had had enough of it! I was under paid and underappreciated (as so many employees are) and not only that, I knew this wasn’t my purpose in life, that there was more that I was supposed to be doing. But until I could get a hold of what my purpose was, in the meantime I needed to find a job that would pay me more! Finally, after years of applying (yes, I was applying to other jobs while I was working with this company… any “normal” unhappy employee would understand this! Did you think I would just quit and then look for a job! *sarcastic stare* Silly goose lol) to this big medical company, I finally got hired! Good-bye DSP (well I figured I’d drop my status to per diem just in case I wanted to pick up some hours and make a little extra cash) you’re looking at everyone’s new favorite front desk receptionist! 

 First day on my new job, I was up early had all my “office work” necessities and I was ready to greet the hell out of every patient that walked through that door! I made it there a year and a half… barely! *Smh* I couldn’t do it anymore … I was about to lose my sh*t! Let me back up for a moment because I left out an important detail that took place over the years. During my “Q.C.L.C.” I began doing self-development, learning what I’m good at, what I’m passionate about and finding out who God said I am! 

I can hear some of you now “oh my, did she just say the “G” word? And she’s out here using almost full cuss words and mentioned something about “weekend activities”, the nerve!” Hey Ms. or Mr. Perfect, are you finished judging me & throwing stones at my glass house? Great! Now that you’ve got that off your chest, I will continue!

We’re all on a journey through life and I believe our destinations had already been preset into our GPS’s, but through choices and happenstances, our routes have been recalculated. That doesn’t mean that we give up, it just means we’re taking a different route to the same destination. Many times, we need to go through or experience things so that we can learn, grow, strengthen our character, & sharpen our skill(s) before we can step into what we’re destined for. 

“A leader can’t lead if they don’t first learn to follow”

 I probably didn’t quote that fully right, and I don’t know who said it, but I think you get the point. I said all of that to say this, by the time I had taken on this new position, I was realizing my passion and it was ready to jump out but I was too scared to let it out! Isn’t that crazy! I wanted so bad to step into what God had for me, but when it became apparent, I was like “ehh maybe not right now.” But what was I so scared of? I was scared to be out of my comfort zone even though my comfort zone was living pay check to pay check. I was scared of falling behind on my bills and going further in debt. I was scared of what people might think, scared it wasn’t the “right time”, scared to FAIL! But in the end, I was more scared of the “What If”, what if I never take a chance on myself and get stuck for the next 30+ years working at a job I hate because I let fear get in the way of my destiny.

 So, that was it… I decided I was going to resign from my front desk job, craft my skill and get out and show the world what I’ve got! I must say, I’m so blessed to have such a supportive family backing me in my decision. Don’t get me wrong, as excited as my husband was for me, he was like “umm, so you’re just going to stop working and that’s it?” Lol, to answer his question and probably many of your questions, no I wasn’t going to just stop working altogether! Remember my DSP job? Yea, I still had that position and because I hadn’t really set myself up with a “safety net” I still needed to make sure I had some income coming in to help with expenses until I can fully get my business off the ground. And honestly, if you’re going to “Just Do It” as Nike says, you should most definitely have a game plan. I read something once that gave tips on becoming an entrepreneur. It went a little something like this: 

  1. You should have a vision/ a specific goal you’re aiming to achieve. 
  2. You should research whatever field it is you’re heading into. 
  3. Put together a financial game plan on how you’re going to support your dream.
  4. You should probably have money in your savings account… like a “safety net”.
  5. And make sure you’ve got things in order, in order to make the transition.
  6. Yay! Now you can JUMP!!

Not saying I disagree with all this, because I definitely kind of did some of this but I definitely kind of did not lol! I’ll say this… do what works best for you! You don’t want anything to deter you from your dream (not that it’s going to be easy peezy, lemon squeezy) but I believe when it’s your time… IT’S YOUR TIME!

 So here I am my friends! Stepping into my purpose! I went to stick my foot in the water to see how cold it was and decided to just JUMP IN! I grabbed the bull by the horn and now I’m riding in the rodeo! I hope this gave some of you if not all, the courage to not be afraid to step into your purpose! I really hope you enjoyed the read and that you look forward to reading more of my articles! 

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