Monica Lewinsky Begins Powerful New Anti-Bullying campaign

Monica Lewinsky is behind a brand new anti-bullying campaign called “The Epidemic” — and, while promoting it, the once presidential intern revealed that she herself had “become the punchline … more than normal” again amid the Trump impeachment investigation. Hmmm….

We’re not sure if you remember the bullying that Lewinsky faced after her affair with President Bill Clinton. But, the activist recently unveiled the jarring PSA, which compares bullying to a widespread illness, on the Today show Wednesday. She called online bullying a “global epidemic” and we couldn’t agree more. Lewinsky said that she helped create the PSA video which did come with a trigger warning (yes, thank you!) to shine a light on how people, especially kids, may be silently be dealing with bullying.

Having been bullied herself constantly and still do date, stemming from her sexual relationship with President Clinton as a White House intern (which ultimately led to the impeachment investigation against Clinton), Lewinsky was asked if the current impeachment investigation into Trump’s Ukraine dealings triggers her emotionally.

(Lewinsky has spoken publicly about her depression stemming from the public bullying and shaming she faced amid scandal as well as admitted she contemplated suicide.)

“Sure. Of course,” said Lewinsky “…I’ve become the punch-line of a joke a little bit more than normal.”

– Monica Lewinsky

Lewinsky, who has given talks and written extensively about the pain she felt amid the scandal, discussed bullying as an even larger issue in DC than the current impeachment.

“I worry that because of the behavior we are seeing come out of D.C. these days, that hate speech, cyberbullying and online harassment are not only being modeled for our young people but that the frequency and level of vitriol becoming the norm,” Lewinsky told People. “It’s not okay,” referring to the president’s frequent witter tirades and attacks.

– Monica Lewinsky