The 2020 Fashion Gala Awards Adds Plus Categories to its Upcoming Award Show

We’re excited to say that we’ve recently been introduced to the 2020 Fashion Gala Awards! This is a very newly announced show… so new that the tickets aren’t even on sale yet!

The show is being put on by Bernadette Fluellen, also known as “Ms. B.” She has just added the “Bigger and Better” connotation, we’re assuming, to introduce her plus size categories!

Award Categories include Best Photographer, Best Magazine, Best Designer, Best Model, and a ton more. It looks like they are still nominating and planning! There are also straight size category nominees!

Other niche categories include male and teen model categories. They also have awards for makeup artists and hair stylists. What an eclectic group!

The Fashion Gala Awards on March 29 2020 in Orlando Florida will feature designers, models, and media outlets for all things fashion.

We’re happy to say that Bold Magazine has been nominated for the “Best Magazine” Category.” For more information, please check their Facebook Group below:

And Be Bold!