Candice Christian is Retroactive Bold Boss for last Month

Our CEO and Editor-In-Chief has been making some major life changes, which you can track on And, through all of their moves and challenges, he completely forgot to discuss bringing in a “Bold Boss of the Month” for the month of October.

Thankfully, our friend and Bold Brand Management client Candice Christian wasn’t offended when we reminded her a few weeks late, that we’d love for her to be a “Bold Boss of the Month.”

Christian has been all over the place! She has been working with EBY to build some incredible content, which we will be featuring here (just wait…. it’s so much fun!).

Christian has also been featured in the “Nobody’s Gotta Know” video by Dre Ben Frank:

Christian has also been nominated for multiple awards in the Orlando Fashion Gala Show! They include “Best MC” and “Best Plus Model!”

And, she’s competing in the US Legacy Florida pageant THIS weekend!

Christian is always busy busy busy. We love to catch her and tell you about what she’s been up to. And, we’re so proud to feature her as a “Bold Boss of the Month” for October!