Anttoni Lopez discusses partner support, parents, and business on “The Barbershop”

“My mom’s always been supportive… and my partner… told me I could do anything I wanted to do.”

– Anttoni Lopez

Alpha Male Cosmetics, the world’s first and only male-focused cosmetics brand is an incredible entity. But, did you know it almost didn’t exist?

Well, not in its current form. Founder Anttoni Lopez had originally called it “Pretty Boy” Cosmetics… and then changed the name after watching a documentary on National Geographic about wolves. Then, he sat on the brand for nearly two years out of fear.

Well, it took his family, partner, and friends, to push Lopez to do what needed to be done… be himself in the best way! The one time professional dance hopeful and model executed his new vision and is now a public figure.

Bold CEO Christopher Salute interviewed Lopez about his rise, support, and what it means to be a “modern male.” Complete with his undying love of “mani-pedis” and broadway, some awesome stuff about the ultra-open blended masculine male were revealed. It’s not one to miss! Check out the video below and be bold!