Katherine Dean supports financial freedom for women

It’s no secret that the gender wage gap has been fairly stagnant over the past few years. Women earn 78% to 82% of the wages that men make, professionally (multiple sources including the US Census and Wikipedia). We’re currently working on a study that looks at plus size female wages versus straight size. But, we predict that there is an impactful difference, as well.

Well, Katherine Dean, MBA, wants to do something about that. The self-proclaimed Mompreneur & Dog Lover is known as the “Empowerment Woman.” She has over 20 years working with individuals, couples, business owners & entrepreneurs to achieve their financial goals.

Dean founded Living Your Worth, Inc., and guides clients to discover their Authentic Power Archetype & Negotiate for Success, Step into their Worth, Achieve Peace of Mind, Security, Own Their Worth & Ignite their Wealthy Dream Life! She’s also a Girl Scouts troop leader, a wealth manager, and an all around super badass.

Dean has multiple projects including the “Weal-Th” project, branding projects, etc. Her mission is to bring forth an individual’s self-worth, empowerment, paths to success and overcoming their fears and shame to live a life full of Love, Contribution, Freedom and Power. You can check out her sites below!

We’re excited to catch up with Dean and hope she’ll give us some time for an interview. You should definitely check her out! And, be bold!