A Message from Official Bold Boss Janet Conroy-Quirk

NEDA’s Most Recent Facebook Post – NEDA stands for the National Eating Disorder Association

A great resource, not just for those in ED recovery, but anyone who struggles to manage the constant diet chatter/food morality that surrounds Thanksgiving.

If that isn’t a struggle for you, then consider how to be an ally! It’s always helpful to evaluate our own words. Maybe rethink that comment about how you’ll need to “burn off dinner”, or that joke about your pants not fitting by Christmas. These little phrases (even when directed at ourselves) send the message to others that fat bodies are a thing to be avoided, feared and mocked. People are listening to our words, whether they’re friends/family who live in larger bodies, or children who look to adults for guidance on what’s important and what’s kind. The tired, unfunny, unoriginal jokes about carbs, calories and weight have no positive impact. All they do is harm.

Let’s celebrate each other and speak about ourselves and food with positivity. Cheers to love, family and friendship. 

  • Janet Conroy-Quirk

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