So why isn’t she getting the recognition?

You’ve read about Lilith Fury, right?

Sure you have. The supermodel hopeful has been all over our pages. Well, we’re excited to announce that Fury is our December Bold Boss of the Month!

Fury is currently working with imperfect foods, and haut2fashion. She’s also been featured on a few of our sites and has been in discussions to be officially represented as a model.

But, life isn’t always easy for plus size models.

“Being fat, and a model / influencer is hard because businesses will act like they’re collaborating with you and play along until I post about them, but then they won’t post me on their pages. Some won’t even share me to their stories. It’s like they want me to get other fat people to like them, but they don’t respect fat people enough to admit they’re working with us.”

– Lilith Fury

On such brand is K-Swiss.

“I was the top influencer for K-Swiss and they won’t even acknowledge me on their pages or answer my messages…” 

– Lilith Fury

There’s always good news, right? Fury has been featured by some huge brands and has been grabbing lots of exposure from us and FabUPlus. And we’re so glad to have her as our Bold Boss. You’ll be seeing her this December with a few stories, some interviews, and we’re going to beg her to do a social media takeover as well!

Where can you find Fury? Check her out below!