TLC’s new Docu-series debuts in January… and it already sounds degrading

A bit of History: Bold Magazine was reaching 30-40 readers a day… until we started covering one show…. “Big Sexy.” Big Sexy was a 5 part show that debuted over 7 years ago and was WAY ahead of its time. It traced 5 plus size professionals in New York City.

But, what it focused on too often were their feelings of isolation and ostracism in social settings, especially with men. While this is certainly prevalent (and was more so a few years ago), we are nearly positive that it didn’t happen the percentage of times that it was focused on during the 5 part mini-series.

When we heard about the TLC show that was being conceptualized nearly a year ago and produced this Summer, we were excited to see friends like Joy Hill in a mixed weight relationship with her partner on screen. But, we were skeptical that they may be painting the plus size female community in a bad light, since we’d heard they were focusing on their relationships with very attractive men. We have found out that it’s being called “Hot and Heavy,” since then.

This is all fine and well. We are really anxious to see what the show has in store. However, the previews discuss “Hot hunks” who “stick up for” their plus size companions. And, we have to say, we do not love how this series is starting off after hearing the trailer commentary. It is triggering our memories of “Big Sexy.”

We love the idea that mixed-weight relationships are being focused on. We also love that plus size humans are being showcased on television more! And, we want lots of it.

However, when someone depicts straight sized males as the plus sized womens’ saviors, that becomes an issue for everyone involved. Plus sized women are strong enough and prevalent enough to stand on their own. So, are any other humans. Nobody needs validation like that.

We’re hopeful that we’re completely wrong about the show and are anxious to see what they put out. We will, however, be using our skeptical emojis until we see otherwise.

Have you seen otherwise? Do we have it wrong? What are your thoughts?