EBY Helps Women Across the World

When Sofia Vergara and Renato Black decided to found a clothing company in 2017, they brought with them their own personal histories… complete with trials, tribulations, and triumphs. So, they knew that their brand had to empower, inspire, and focus on all kinds of women.

“You know those tough moments in life when you have to dig deep, breathe deeper, squint your eyes, and just get through it? What may be a moment for us is everyday life for the women we empower.”

– EBY Website

What that means is that ten percent of net sales from EBY go to Seven Bar Foundation to empower women through microfinance: small loans to start their own businesses.

This is a concept that has been recently (in the past 15 or so years) employed to help profits and non-profits create sustainable systems to help those in need.

“Working with these near-bionic ladies, we learned that they are the most powerful source of inspiration. EBY is here to champion these undiscovered tutors so we can run, shape, and shift the world together.”

– EBY Website

They facilitate the first breaks that allow these fearless women to fund their own businesses.

“Because when women are empowered by business, they thrive. When they thrive, the paradigm shifts, not just for them, but also for women everywhere.”

– EBY Website

We’ve been chatting with EBY for the past few months, after meeting them at Curvy Con, and we have been learning about how much they empower others. But, what do they sell? They carry subscription boxes of panties for women up to size 4X. And, their panties are SEAMLESS, which means they are super comfortable.

We’re sure sizes and availabilities are always changing. So, we thought we’d just show you their site. Here it is:


[Featured Photo is of Candice Christian, Bold Boss of the Month of October]