A New .Org here to help the “Underweight” to the “Morbidly Obese” Travel- Thank Goodness

Yes, that’s what their flier on Instagram says. We didn’t know that fat humans liked to be referenced as “morbidly obese.” I suppose we’re learning something new, every day.

We’re introducing our newest series: Brand Bans. On Instagram, this week, we called out Wayfair.com for posting an ad for a beer pong table. The table had a graphic that said “Making Fat Chicks Look Skinny Since…” on it. C’mon Wayfair… really? You’re not a small site with nobody to police these things.

Today, we call out the “World Fat Tour.” You can find it at www.world-fat-tour.org. But, why would you want to? Here’s everything you need to know:

  • It’s a 7 week tour for 14 guests
  • It’s astronomically expensive (Nearly $10,000)
  • It touts doctors check-ups, activities, and health eating (so it’s a very expensive fat camp)
  • The site has typos everywhere
  • It has an extremely insensitive site and set of ads
  • The founder has been targeting influencers for “free trips” if they’ll bring friends
  • We’re not sure where the .org comes from, but it definitely looks like a for profit site

We’ll be posting “Brand Fans” and “Brand Bans” series posts for the rest of 2020. If you have some you’d like to send in, please feel free to email us! And, be bold… just without the world fat tour.