And other “surprises” about the plus size universe.

Whoa…. We just read an incredible article. W’re probably a little late on it. But, check it out:

It’s titled “Let’s Talk About Sex” and it involves some SERIOUS triggers so please beware before you read.

Within the context, the author, Maggie Birge-Caracappa, discusses sex, romance and sexual assault. It’s definitely worth a read. And, we’re absolutely reaching out to Maggie to see if they’d be willing to interview with us!

You can read more of her stuff on

It’s also gotten us thinking…

Why aren’t there more blogs about the plus size dating world. We made an attempt, last year, and it did take off a bit. But, we’re back at it again with a MUCH more powerful set of sites. So, be on the lookout for those.


That reminds us, as we are creating new blogs, new properties, and coming back to print. Please bare with our lower content volume! But, now’s a great time to check out some of our old pieces. Just use the old search bar and have fun!