Janet Conroy-Quirk takes on lead role and welcomes crowd to screening in Worcester

On Friday, January 17th, Janet Conroy-Quirk and the rest of her team made some heads turn!

The event in question was the first public screening of the Boston-based Indie Crime Drama, “Outbound”. The film offers commentary and perspective on purpose, fate, business, love, artistry, the severance of relationships, and other topics in the backs of everyone’s mind in today’s society.

With a low budget and a ton of creative humans, the team created an incredible crime drama that debuted in Worcester, this weekend. Conroy Quirk, who was involved as an actress, threw an afterparty with the help of her supportive family!

“Outbound is a movie about real people and how they really talk and really fight and really love. Life is all about the people who surround us and it felt great to be supported by so many friends and family for this screening. And as always, when I look at any project I’m proud of, I think of that person who said to me a few years ago that I might be better suited for selling concessions. Nothing wrong with that job but it’s not what I wanted, and she was trying to tell me I wasn’t good enough. My reaction to her THEN has become my personal slogan NOW: ‘We’ll see, won’t we?'”

– Janet Conroy Quirk, Official Bold Boss

The screening was at the Worcester JMAC Pop-Up Arts Space in Worcester, MA and the movie is written/directed by Colin Langford.

Check out one of the scenes here and BE BOLD:

Outbound Movie