The Top 4 Diverse Influencers You Likely Don’t Follow

Original Post from June Mini-Mag

There’s a common critique of most fashion and media (not just plus) that marginalized and niche groups are not represented. We completely agree. That’s why Bold Magazine exists. We’re really excited to continue working with and focusing on diversity in plus. But, we really don’t feel we’ve done an excellent job. With Black History Month and Pride Month coming up, we thought we’d introduce some folks we like to follow. So, to kick off our journey, we thought we’d list off a few of the diverse influencers and micro-influencers who inspire us. Give them a follow (we’ve listed their Instagram accounts) and be BOLD! 

Sarah Alexander @fromsarahlex – Sarah Alexander is one of our favorite humans. Her fashion and lifestyle posts as a disabled person are incredibly visual and poignant. Also, follow her on twitter for some witty conversations with “abled” people about what her disability means. She even discusses wheelchair fetishes and other challenges she faces! 

Renee Cafaro @foxyroxyfashion – Renee Cafaro isn’t just an advocate for plus sizes. She’s also an advocate for women with disabilities. But, wait a minute. She’s not using the aid of walker or cane. No hearing aids. Not blind. Cafaro suffers from chronic pain and arthritis and has since she was in her teens. 

Empress Hepburn @iamempress_ – This Bahamas representative is doing something that has never been done, this Autumn: creating a “Curvy Coachella” style event by the name of Miami Curves Fest. Empress is a fantastic plus size representative of color and we love the styles she shows on her Instagram accouont!

Rupali Raut @rups_proudplus – A boudoir plus size influencer and a west Asian, Raut is definitely turning heads with her unconventional beauty. We’re so glad she that she tagged our Instagram account and love to see when she puts out new photos!

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