Don’t Just Read BOLD!  Check out Our Reading List!

We are sure you get tired of reading Bold. Wait… Oh man… really? Frownie face! No, really… we figured the sun is out… or heck… maybe it’s raining or snowing. Either way… you deserve a good new plus positive book. And, all of these are under $20 on Amazon. Go figure! 

Liris Crosse, Make the World Your Runway: Top Model Secrets for Everyday Confidence and Success

  • When we bought this book at our Bold Love Yourself Weekend, we originally thought… “We will read it to be supportive. But, I’m not a model, or a woman. How much can I learn?” Oh my gosh, I was totally wrong! Liris Crosse has created such a dynamic workbook interweaving stories from her life, self-help exercises, and motivational…. STUFF. I read it in one flight to a business trip and then read it again and learned more. I began thinking “Shoot… am I a plus sized woman and aspiring model?” Then I realized that this book is for EVERYONE and how brilliant Crosse is. 

Rebecca Jane Weinstein and Margaret Cho, Fat Sex: The Naked Truth (Fat Books)

  • This book was given to me as a gift and I couldn’t help but feel a little… I don’t know… sassy and sexy just having it. Then I realized that the foreword was from Margaret Cho and I got so excited. She’s hysterical and such a boss. There are so many movies and television shows mocking the ways fat people have sex, from Game of Thrones to Summer Catch. It’s great to see a book address it head on with some cool, genuine, and sometimes funny stories. 

Whitney Way- Thore, I Do It with the Lights On: And 10 More Discoveries on the Road to a Blissfully Shame-Free Life

  • So, I read Crosse’s book and I read “Fat Sex.” And I thought to myself… I don’t have to be a plus sized woman to enjoy these books. Let’s see what else is out there.” Way-Thore is funny, genuine, and really empowering in this one. I can kind of feel her television personality through the book! It’s all about her relationship… but to herself! Love it! 

Valentina Janek, From Fired to Freedom: How Life After the Big Bad Boot Gave Me Wings

  • Valentina Janek called me one evening to tell me I had to come visit her and discuss her book. A woman older than my father, she proclaimed to me “Don’t worry… I’m a BBW!” and I fell in love. Janek’s book about her journey from unemployment to success (and others like her) is super funny, witty, and uplifting. It’s written in vignette style chapters and is a quick read. I love that I can pick it up and read a short excerpt or a longer one when I’m in need of a boost. 

Linda (Lindo) Bacon, Body Respect

  • If you’ve read Linda Bacon’s first book, Health at Every Size, you know that Bacon is well researched, thought provoking, and not afraid of controversy. What you may not know is that she is also a great psychological and emotional writer. When we read Body Respect, we couldn’t believe the empathy we felt. This is not a new book, but we hear Bacon is writing again and we just figured we’d get you caught up before her next one comes out!

Feature Model is Candice Christian. Photo is from Richard Marous Photography