Bold Boss of the Month: Amy Blackwell

So…. if you’ve been following Bold Magazine, you will note that we’ve been going through some awesome growing pains. We have a new Editor-In-Chief, our CEO is working on some great new projects, we have new members of our team, we just printed our mens edition, etc. etc.

So… we hope you laugh… but Amy Blackwell is our Bold Boss of… January! Yes, we know it’s February…

Blackwell is a comedian, actor, performer, and entertainer based out of Las Vegas, NV.

From her site, “…Blackwell is the metaphorical combination of the graveyard shift nurse in the county ER waiting room cracking jokes, the convenience store clerk that knows you’re going to shoplift before you do, Scotty trying to find a way to take the sting out of telling Kirk that the engines are good and buggered this time, with a mix of Ally Sheedy from the Breakfast club, dumping her bag out onto the table in the library.”

– Amy Blackwell

Blackwell has had some pretty viral videos publish, like her “Meth Addict” at the Grocery Store” parody video, which we think is so funny! She is often incongruous, worldly wise, thoughtfully honest and chaotic all rolled into one hilarious package. 

Blackwell, who has recently come out as queer on her public Facebook page and fan page, entertains crowds across the country with her genuine style and sharp wit. Her comedy comes from her life and is full heart and hilarity.

Amy has performed across the country in clubs and dirty bars shows where her authentic style never disappoints. She is the host of “Demand The Cure Comedy Podcast” and has been featured on many other podcasts as a guest, including “The Doug Stanhope Podcast”