And other Brand Fans / Brand Bans of the week

We were just minding our own business on the social media inter webs, when our Official Bold Boss “Amanda LaCount” shared an image of her new campaign with Nike! We love what Nike has been doing to be more inclusive with larger sized humans. Still, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to included humans of extended size. This is absolutely a step in the right direction. And, we love anything that features LaCount!

We decided to think about some other brands we’ve seen recently, who have been inclusive, and some who have been… pretty cruel. Here’s a short list with accompanying photos.

Brand Fans:

Root Insurance features a plus size person of color in their online ads
Good Housekeeping featured Chrissy Metz on their cover last month!
Hulu featured an ad from “Adore Me” which featured some non-straight-size bodies

We also featured a great article online from featuring Rebel Wilson (article on our Instagram account).

Our featured photo when you clicked this article was Nike’s campaign with Amanda LaCount!

Brand Bans:

“Sausage Roll” discusses Gerard Way’s loss of sex appeal with weight gain. Really?

If you know of any brands we should follow and some we shouldn’t, let us know!

And, be BOLD!