Sorry to say… Even from Just the Sound of it, We disapprove

Have you heard of the Nelk Boys? We have. Unfortunately, a lot of other folks have, as well (almost 4 million on youtube to be exact). They are so outlandish and offensive that they have been de-monitized on youtube (meaning that youtube won’t pay them for ads that run on their channel). They make most of their money through selling merchandise.

Well, multiple people told us that the Nelk Boys apparently threw a party in Las Angeles…. but as a “prank” they filled the entire party with plus size women.

The good news: we can’t find the video. So, we hope that pressure from other groups have gotten them to take it down.

The bad news: What we heard was pretty awful. They apparently invited these women to…

  • “Surprise” other guests who were told their would be attractive humans at the party.
  • Mock the plus size women attending.

Apparently, the women invited seemed to have a good time, in spite of the intention to mock them. We haven’t seen the video and we’re glad we haven’t. But, we won’t be watching the “Nelk Boys” anytime soon. If you do see the video, please post it in the comments so that we can review it and take action, if need be.

Thanks and BE BOLD!

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