Friday Finances from Katherine Dean

Have you heard about conscious finances?

It the art of being fully present when making purchases.

So in February, we are going to be focusing on being Present

when making purchases, knowing why you are making purchases

& knowing that what you are purchasing will bring you JOY!

When we are fully present when making purchases we

know why we are making purchases & fully aware of our needs versus wants.

This convo is getting a bit heavy, I know…but stick with me…

When you are fully aware of why you are buying something new, 

this can be at the grocery store, in a department store or

shopping online we become aware of why we are making the purchase,

what that new purchase will bring into our lives & 

we appreciate the items we purchase more… 

and may actually not purchase items unconsciously.

Being aware of our impulses and needs versus wants

really opens up the space to focus on our overall WHY.

You WHY may be to be more financially independent.

It may be to leave a dead end job.

It may be to have a better relationship with money.

It may be achieve a financial milestone.

Or to save for that family vacation you’ve always been dreaming of…

Here’s to new adventures, a new awareness of your purchases

& achieving more of your WHY.

Let’s have some FUN in February with our choices…

Reconnect to your WHY & Your Conscious Money Choices

you make this month.

XO Katherine Dean, Mentor & Dream Ignitor

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