Anttoni Lopez is our Bold Boss of February!

Have you seen our Men’s Edition with Cover Model Anttoni Lopez? Well, he’s not just our cover model. He’s also our featured interview. AND he is our Bold Boss of the Month of February!

Created and designed by marketing guru Anttoni Lopez, Alpha Male Cosmetics is proud to be the first full line of cosmetics that are designed exclusively for men and their unique skin conditions. Anttoni has been a model and actor, which stemmed from his many years of dancing. But, he’s decided to become an entrepreneur as he saw a need in the industry that wasn’t being filled!

“Our exclusive line of products, designed for the Alpha Male are all water based and organic leaving your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Alpha Male Cosmetics are formulated to enhance your natural beauty and reveal only the most handsome features you already possess.”

– Alpha Male Cosmetics Site

Lopez, who has been working in the marketing world for over a decade, saw numerous friends and colleagues struggle with their skin and appearance issues. This led Anttoni to explore new ideas and formulas to solve these issues. Lopez is passionate about addressing today’s needs for men with new ideas, minimalist packaging and discretion. And, we’ve had plenty of discussions with him about what “defines” an alpha male or a man, in general. Guess what… He’s got a great answer. Check him out on our Barbershop Show as well as in our mag!