Renee Cafaro Funds Independent Designers to Source Masks and Gowns

A simple Facebook Post…

“I’m committing $25k to independent clothing makers to help solve the hospital mask and gown shortage. Hit me up”

– Renee Cafaro

An immediate response:


Renee Cafaro, internet influencer, entrepreneur, and US Editor of SLiNK Magazine has been doing what she can to help independent stitchers and small businesses support hospitals, pharmacies and those who need gowns and masks.

“The aim is… a few thousand masks, 500+ gowns using up to $25K spread across as many small American freelancers/small businesses in dire need that I can help.”

– Renee Cafaro

The goal began, it seems, to fund some projects. But Cafaro wound up “matchmaking” sewers with material manufacturers (or just those who had extra material), people who had prints, etc. Cafaro is in the midst of still making those connections and is asking the NY Arthritis Foundation board to help her distribute these to all NYC hospitals. Those that are not “hospital grade” will be given to any folks who have compromised immune systems, so there will be minimal (if any) waste.

And overnight, Cafaro has made her impact.

“Thanks everyone who has given money, connections and support for my freelancer/mask/gown project! In one night we are basically all set with 2000+ masks and 300+ hospital gowns from about a dozen small businesses who were in dire need.”

– Renee Cafaro

We’re so proud of the folks who have been helping. Friends and influencers like Candice Christian and Kristen Pickrell have been pitching in to to their part as well.

This is community and we’re so excited to report on it. Stay safe and BE BOLD!