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The Bold team is excited to let you know that we are still in print for you! And, we’re digital. We’ve got such a great and impactful issue for you, which follows the impressiveness of some real influencers of every day life:

  • An AWESOME interview with Kirk Thatcher who created muppets like legendary Miss Piggy and characters from the show “Dinosaurs” (including the iconic and plus sized male character, “Earl.”)
  • Single mothers like Candice Christian, Melissa Malabet, and Jenna Sestak
  • An INCREDIBLE article on how REAL people feel about Health amidst all of the awful marketing done by companies like Peloton
  • Mixed Weight couples Cheyenne/Mike, Kat/Clayton, and Zoe/Zach
  • Influencers and models like Ana Victoria and Tess Holliday
  • Writers like our Editor-In-Chief Janet Conroy-Quirk and Lilith Fury
  • And more!

We understand that times are tough and we’re not asking for tons of money, while you’re indoors reading our mag. Simply use the coupon BOLD20 for $2 off of our digital or print copies in our easy store below:


Keep reading and BE BOLD!