We get it. The world is so uncertain. But we’re in this together. We’re creating movement. We’re creating A movement. 

Small, women run businesses (and those who serve us), we’d like to help. We’re all hurting. Here’s what we’re doing to help: 

We’re reinvigorating our Bold Resources directory. A productive listing of incredible humans who are serving others online. How can you get involved? 

Bold Resources is where we’ll be posting our businesses!

Reach out via DM or email bold@boldmediainc.com
We’re not charging a flat fee. PAY WHAT YOU can (even if it’s a few dollars) or pay it forward to a friend). 
Tell us who you are and what you do! 

What you’ll get!

  • a listing on our resources ddirector
  • an article on our site! 
  • A social media shout out 
  • An email with your business to everyone who participated