A #Youarenotcancelled Post

As we find ourselves disrupted from our usual routines and disconnected from our sources of support, Bold joins many other media outlets and artists in sharing performances and messages from the arts world. We encourage you to send us your music, comedy, art, and videos -particularly if you’ve had a production cancelled or postponed. Stay safe, safe connected and stay Bold! 

It doesn’t get more NYC than this! A Sketch of New York, an ongoing sketch comedy show based at the legendary Producers Club in Manhattan, is known for being a “rite of passage” for NYC actors. Producers Joe DiNozzi & Darien DeMaria consistently achieve their goal of “creating an environment for city actors who are often excluded from the commercial machine that is theater in NYC.”This time, they’re responding to the Covid-19 pandemic in their trademark supportive, entertaining style!

A Note From The Artists: 

“A Sketch of New York Productions is hosting an online charity stream relief fund for actors and entertainers affected by the Covid-19 quarantine. We’ll be hosting scenes, stand-up comedy, songs, trailers for upcoming projects, acting reels, and monologues recorded by actors under quarantine in New York City.

All proceeds raised by our patreon will be equally distributed among the actors who contributed to it.

Please stop in and let us entertain you any way we can, and consider helping support the freelancers and artists who need the help now more than ever.”



If you'd like to be included in the "#YOUARENOTCANCELLED" movement, please email: 

- Janet Conroy Quirk, Editor-In-Chief, Bold Magazine