A #Youarenotcancelled Post

As we find ourselves disrupted from our usual routines and disconnected from our sources of support, Bold joins many other media outlets and artists in sharing performances and messages from the arts world. We encourage you to send us your music, comedy, art, and videos -particularly if you’ve had a production cancelled or postponed. Stay safe, safe connected and stay Bold! 

We need humor now. Badly. Blair Peyton & Ami Trowell deliver! Their hysterical series, “Mother & Son Skype Sesh”, is hilariously familiar to anyone navigating remote check-ins with family!  Enjoy! 

Link to: Mother & Son Skype Sesh:

Here’s the playlist:

Blair Peyton is a Performer, Producer, and Podcaster living in New York City. He is a member of the improv troupe Rufus Khan (performing monthly at The Players Theatre) and can be seen in the web sitcom “Two Dimes.” Most recently, Blair appeared in “Dating Clarity,” an Official Selection at the 2020 Big Apple Film Festival and at the 2020 WRPN Women’s International Film Festival. Also, Blair hosts the biweekly podcast “You Go First” available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you catch your favorite shows.

Find him on Twitter and Instagram at:


Ami Trowell is an actress, writer and director living in Roanoke, Virginia. She holds a BA in Theatre from the College of Charleston and is pursing a MALS from Hollins University. Ami portrayed Helen in the sitcom “Tuned Out.” She is heard on multiple podcasts including All Purpose Cleaner, BP and Ami and What Just Happened. In addition to performing on stages all around Southwest Virginia, Ami is in her fourth year directing Roanoke’s only professional improvisation troupe, Big Lick Conspiracy. Follow her on Instagram at: @actnow3 

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- Janet Conroy Quirk, Editor-In-Chief, Bold Magazine