Bold Resources Specialized for Earth Day!

You’ve seen us talk about our Bold Resources page and what we’re doing for small businesses, right? During this crisis, we thought it would be a good idea to do the best we can to reduce our pricing and make more friends.

And, we’d love to tell you about one of our friends!

Mellow by Design is a premium Hemp and CBD company out of Lunenberg, MA. They carry topicals (ingested orally), tinctures (concentrates), bath bombs and even CBD for pets! Don’t laugh, our pets love CBD and we take our topicals, together to relax!

Read their blog! They discuss journaling and wellness, the differences between THC and CBD, and how to get better natural sleep.

Whether you want a calm evening, better sleep, or something to heal your skin, there’s a solution for it. Bruises? Dry skin? CBD does a lot!

We’re all about natural solutions. And, we love when our friends get some traffic during Earth Day. We’re all about supporting small and we hope you are, too. BE BOLD! And #findyourmellow