That Time I was Terminated

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Did you know I was fired once? I totally was. And, when it happened, I was devastated. We’ll talk more about that in another post. This isn’t about my termination (although the title kind of says it, though, doesn’t? Umm… yikes.) 

No, this is about a dear friend, “Tina” Valentina Janek, who wrote an incredible Book, “From Fired to Freedom: How Life after the Big, Bad Boot gave me Wings” that you can find in our newly redesigned Bold Resources Page . You can apply to be part of it HERE

Valentina Janek has had a variety of corporate, community, human resources, recruiting,and consulting positions in the field of financial marketing, media-public relations, publishing, technology, human resources, fundraising and event management. Currently, Ms Janek works as a Marketing Guru Consultant, Career Coach, and a Mid Life Advocate. So, how did this amazing human ever get fired?

See? See what you just assumed? If someone was terminated, they were deficient. There are A GAGILLION reasons someone can and will be terminated and it doesn’t always have to do with performance. There are so many sciences and arts involved with personnel.

And, what happens when you are fired?

You feel:

  • hurt
  • distraught 
  • useless
  • a loss of identity

Amongst so many other feelings. Well, Janek’s book hopes to normalize the termination story.

This book, which is pretty darn funny is also a compilation of inspirational, and engaging stories from people who have received the proverbial “pink slip” and come out alive on the other side, better and brighter for it. Being terminated or let go can STINK! But, it can also be an absolute blessing.

Valentina said she hopes that through her book and her personal experiences, she can bring more awareness to middle-aged people who are looking for jobs.

“You’re not alone, which is how you feel when you lose a job,” she said. “The worst things in life are a job loss, personal loss and moving.”

– Valentina Janek

This topic is particularly important and relevant to discuss today. With 22 million + humans applying for unemployment at the moment, and we know that number is inaccurate due to the amount of folks who can’t get through to the line, this is a very real feeling.

I’ve written about the self described socialpreneur networker, leader, media maven promoting paying it forward on Long Island at You can see some posts about her HERE . And, she also authored an article in our Men’s Edition where you can find HERE. As a member of The Sons of Italy Womens Division Lodge 2344A in Lynbrook, she continues to be a vibrant part of the community. Wow! And, I thought I did a lot! 

Thank goodness for books like “From Fired to Freedom.” I’ll be honest, I wish I’d read it when I was terminated. It would have made that sting feel a little less sharp. 

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