The Wealthy Woman within, Katherine Dean

We’ve written about the notable gender wage gaps inherent in the US, before. And, that goes even further when you talk about further marginalized women: Women of color, women of size, older women, etc.

Well, Katherine Dean, our Bold Boss of the Month (for April, we know- it’s been a month for everyone, hasn’t it?), has a mission to touch the lives of one million women in her lifetime. Her Instagram account profile has this below it:

Katherine Dean and her Family

💰Passive-Residual Income Mentor & Coach
💰 Mompreneur
💰 Connector
💰 Adventurer, Traveler, Intl. Speaker
💰 Dog Lover
Unlock your wealthy woman within!

That’s enough jobs for about 10 humans! But, Dean has energy beyond energy! She is a constant “mover and shaker” as well as a visionary. We are so inspired by her positivity!

Katherine Dean, MBA is known as the “Empowerment Woman.” With over 20 years working with individuals, couples, business owners & entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. She founded Living Your Worth, Inc., and guides clients to discover their Authentic Power Archetype & Negotiate for Success, Step into their Worth, Achieve Peace of Mind, Security, Own Their Worth & Ignite their Wealthy Dream Life! It’s so much more than wealth. It’s wealth, health, happiness, all of that good stuff!

Katherine Dean, The Wealthy Woman Within

Her belief is that anyone, with the right tools can build their incredible futures, love their career & be Authentically Powerful to Create the life of their DREAMS. She’s discussed personal trials in her life that have challenged her to make major changes (we don’t want to give them away, but there are LOTS of links below for you to see), from personal to professional to financial.

Dean speaks all over the country, empowering women to be THEMSELVES and the best version of themselves. She is a Mentor, Dream Ignitor, National Speaker & Creator of The Wealth-To-Freedom Formula Program, The Wealthy Woman Within & The Wealthy Woman Within Club. She sits on the board of Girls, Inc. Long Island & volunteers as a Girl Scout Leader.

We’re so excited to chat with Dean more over the next few days and weeks (we were a little slow getting her up on our Bold Boss of April, but the days and weeks are melding together – let’s be real!).

You can check out Katherine Dean, below. And a few other pieces we’ve written about her, starting HERE!