Another #URNotCancelled Post

As we find ourselves disrupted from our usual routines and disconnected from our sources of support, Bold joins many other media outlets and artists in sharing performances and messages from the arts world. We encourage you to send us your music, comedy, art, and videos -particularly if you’ve had a production cancelled or postponed. Stay safe, safe connected and stay Bold! 

Since Bold began its #YouAreNotCancelled Series seven weeks ago, we’ve shared stories and performances that speak to our changing needs. Every hour seems to feel different. But laughing, crying or just losing ourselves for a bit in art seems to help. Today, we are very pleased to offer you the work of a hilarious lady who is keeping up spirits during a somber time. Meet Rachel!

Rachel Caron is a singing, dancing, acting Maine native who now resides in NYC. She is an Emcee at “Ellen’s Stardust” in Times Square; in a Salsa Company called “Rumbamena” and just started her own online comedy show, “Rad Times with Rach!” Before moving to New York, she toured with “The Young Americans”, a touring performing arts troupe based in LA, which travels around the world, educating and performing. Spongebob is the only man she’s ever truly loved.

A Note From The Artist:

“’Rad Times with Rach!’ is Rachel’s new sketch comedy show that nobody asked for… but the world is getting anyway! It’s random, kooky, and each episode is its own wild ride.”

Episodes come out every other Friday on the show’s Instagram: @radtimeswithrach & on her channel:

Mostly, she loves hearing from you! If you have any ideas or want to collaborate, shoot her a message & she’ll be more than happy to respond. Stay rad, party people!

If you'd like to be included in the "#YOUARENOTCANCELLED" movement, please email:
- Janet Conroy Quirk, Editor-In-Chief, Bold Magazine