Another #URNotCancelled Post

As we find ourselves disrupted from our usual routines and disconnected from our sources of support, Bold joins many other media outlets and artists in sharing performances and messages from the arts world. We encourage you to send us your music, comedy, art, and videos -particularly if you’ve had a production cancelled or postponed. Stay safe, safe connected and stay Bold! 

We’re thrilled to have shared so many great artists and projects with the Bold community! We recognize how heavily we all rely on the arts right now for entertainment, comfort, company and a reminder that a better time will come. Today’s post is from an actor who knows  how hard this time has been for her fellow performers- and how important it is to keep laughing.

Thanks, Jackie!

Jackie Ball is an LA-based actor. She loves the power of storytelling and is fascinated by the way it can affect people. Jackie’s a Texas native with a theatre degree. She spent some time in NYC where she fell in love with improv and sketch comedy. Since moving to LA, she has been transitioning her work from the stage to the screen. Check out her Vimeo for new videos and feel free to follow her on insta for extra content! 

If you'd like to be included in the "#YOUARENOTCANCELLED" movement, please email:
- Janet Conroy Quirk, Editor-In-Chief, Bold Magazine