An Original Article from our Winter Bold Magazine, our Men’s Edition

In honor of Jahlove Serrano being on our Mental Health Month Bold Live this week, we thought we’d slowly release some of our men’s content from this Winter, featuring him and some other incredible humans! We’ll start with 4 influencers we think you should follow for fashion, mental health, or just awesome positive reasons! BE BOLD! And, you can find our magazines for sale HERE. Or here:

@Brosnan – Entrepreneur and commercial real estate agent out of Pittsburgh, PA AND Naples, FL. Oooooh, swanky! Brosnan caught our attention years ago as a thoughtful and intelligent human. And, we’re not the only ones. 

@Jahlove_thebrand – Jahlove Serrano is a health educator youth advocate HIV/AIDS activist androgynous model/runway coach /Drag Queen/background dancer/and choreographer to the stars. In his free time, he breathes!  (Jahlove is also our featured Image!)

@king__k3n – “Funny story, my mother and her friend believed in me so much that one day they bought me a sewing machine and sai ‘Here, you have to start somewhere…’ with me having no experience to sew at all.” Hey… he’s right! Kenneth Bovain describes himself as “just a normal dude trying to do better.” We love that! 

@_i_amlamar – At 6’4”, model and brand influencer Earl Clayton Jr. is one of Bold Brand Management’s newest interested talents! Earl does it all, from runway to commercials, events, to print. “Thank you for appreciating the artistry” he says. (photo of Earl Clayton, Jr. below)