Anttoni Lopez Debuts in Men’s Edition of Bold Magazine

If you’ve been listening to or watching our new sibling property, “The Bold Barbershop” or been checking our instagram (@boldmz), you’ve seen our dear friend Anttoni Lopez all over the place. Lopez is the CEO of Alpha Male Cosmetics ( He’s been a model and actor since he knew how to breathe. And, he’s taken that style and flair with him on his quest to be the owner of, not just the first, but the best cosmetics line catering to males. We’ve had a blast working with Anttoni and we are glad to say that he is also our February “Bold Boss of the Month” on our website. Here’s our conversation with Anttoni! 

Bold Magazine: My man, let’s skip the intros. We’ve known each other too long. Can you tell us about Alpha Male Cosmetics. What is it?

Anttoni Lopez: Alpha Male Cosmetics is a makeup line, but what makes this special is that this is the fist full line of makeup created for men.

Bold Magazine: That’s awesome! So, how did you conceptualize it? 

Anttoni Lopez: The idea for this line came a long time go to me. It all started because I was in an abuse relationship so I had to cover up the marks on my face and body. I started to get into makeup because of that. I fell in love with how it made me feel. I tell people I got into makeup because of my face braking out , but it was due to this relationship. I did brake up from wearing it so much. Once that happen I started to look for product that were created for men. There wasn’t that much on the market. I think Tom Ford had a product out on the market during that time, but it was just not enough for me. So I found a company in Canada and met with a chemist did some formulating and the line was born. The actual name of the line first was called Pretty Boi Cosmetics, one day I was at home watching national geographic episode and it was about wolves. The narrator had said this line “ The Alpha Male is the leader of the pack” and at that point it hit me that this is what I want my to based off. I changed the name to Alpha Male Cosmetics. A leader, someone who doesn’t follow or care of what people say and someone who inspires. 

Bold Magazine: So, you have an interesting history of performance. Tell us about that? I love hearing more about it. 

Anttoni Lopez: I do. I have been in the arts since I was 7 years old. I started off dancing and that gave me the strength to be free and be myself. I grow and loved who I was. I went to school for dance, ended up joining this dance company Young Dance Makers Company and ended up being on the front page of the New York Times. With that I ended up being asked to join Alvin Ailey I did that for 6 months and learned a lot. I stopped dancing and focused on other things. I got into modeling and acting. Started doing fashion week, and shoots which lead into more acting. I shot some TV pilots, psa’s and ended up being in Men In Black 3. 

Bold Magazine: Awesome! Then what? 

Anttoni Lopez: After that I ended up writing a book with my ex husband and that was a great experience. I love to write can’t wait to write my second book. So that is pretty much my Performance history.

Bold Magazine: Love it! Speaking of your personal life… Anttoni, you’ve sourced your partner as a motivator. How can anyone motivate YOU? 

Anttoni Lopez: My partner has been one of my biggest supporters since I met him 10 years ago. He is the one who tells me that everything is gonna be ok. I trust him and value his opinions and thoughts. He is a hard worker and never gives up. That motivates me in all aspects. I never seen someone work so hard like him. That pushes me to go harder. I look for motivation is so many different ways. I am motivated by different things. 

Bold Magazine: That’s awesome. So, what else do you do besides run Alpha Male Cosmetics?

Anttoni Lopez: Hmmm this is a tuff one. I mean Alpha Male Cosmetics  is my life, but I am working on skin care, more glasses, a women’s line. As of right now this is my focus.

Bold Magazine: Yes! Where do you see your brand heading in 2020 and beyond?

Anttoni Lopez: As far as where I see Alpha Male Cosmetics heading… hard to say. I want to make sure more people know about the line. I want to do more partnerships. In stores and releasing more products. 

Bold Magazine: Anttoni, what does it say about us that we’ve JUST started to come out with male makeup lines?

Anttoni Lopez: I mean it’s just wear we are as a generation. I feel like now it’s ok for men to take extra care of themselves. Men use to wear makeup back in the day and it was an issue. Now it’s considered feminine, or not masculine. I wouldn’t blame men I would blame the world and our perception of what we think is masculine due to what we see.

Bold Magazine: Tell us what you think the modern male is growing into. We’d love to know! 

Anttoni Lopez: Hmm I mean it’s hard to say. I think we are now taking more care of ourselves and being ok with looking extra good. I think in the near future men will be more into makeup and grooming. 

Bold Magazine: Anttoni, lastly… of course… What makes you BOLD? 

Anttoni Lopez: I mean what makes me bold is that I am here to inspire. 

We’re inspired. You can find more inspiration from Anttoni on instagram at @anttoni_lopez / @alphamalecosmetics! And, as always, be BOLD!