Bold Resources: Diva Bigg

When was the last time you actually wanted to wear a mask? Well, before anyone knew what COVID19 was, Laquinta Davis was making it part of her fashion and design motif. 

LaQuinta Davis, C.E.O and the owner and creator of DivaBigg and Bbwintheroom hails from Jacksonville, Florida. She is the first architect of curvy and designer of Fat Pride and her designs are pretty eye catching! 

 Divabigg is a body positive company. The company has three divisions; apparel, modeling, and show production, all geared toward body positivity. The company was founded based on the everyday woman embracing their body and falling back in love with themselves. 

LaQuinta Davis is also a Bold Boss and we’re featuring DivaBigg as a Bold Resource!

“At Divabigg our slogan is ‘My FAT is My Beauty,’ we work daily to push that mindset in the women we mentor and the people we come in contact with. We hand select women through an audition process to be a part of our company. We help them to discover their inner beauty and confidence.”

– LaQuinta Davis 

You can see their YouTube channel here:

And, here is a preview:

Their focus is to shed light on the impact of shaming mentally and socially. More to come from Laquinta and Diva Bigg in the coming months! BE BOLD!

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