Bold is thrilled to present our latest platform for celebrating the world of Plus Bodies! Every Friday, we’ll be featuring the work and story of an artist who devotes their talent and passion to the idea that plus bodies deserve representation and admiration! 

We are honored to kick things off with the work of Carolyn Storey, an artist from the UK who creates quirky, colourful character design artwork for commissions and for exhibitions. In addition to providing a forum for the appreciation of large bodies, she uses her art and writing to address issues of wellness and anxiety.

Carolyn states, “Although I have been out as a Female Fat Admirer since age 18, I never quite felt the liberation to express that in my work. I was always ashamed of my preference for Plus-Size men. But now, in my 30’s,  I’m making the brave steps towards being more true to myself and starting to make artwork of the beautiful people I have always wanted to. I started posting Fat Art on my Instagram last year and my first two fully completed Plus-Size Art pieces were posted this week during Lockdown.

Each step at a time, but one motivation of mine is to try promote more body and racial diversity in mainstream men’s fashion.”

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Carolyn Storey/Artist and Illustrator